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  1. Thanks! I 've did it in my production environment. In c), instead of editing registry key, I've changed this preference within Gpo - > Windows Update preferences. So - there are no abilities and tools to automatically import, approve and deploy Adobe updates, I've understand that. Too bad
  2. Hi, I've imported some Adobe updates to SCUP console. Does this mean that I shouldn't manually import it again and again, when the latest updates from Adobe will be avalaible? Or the latest Adobe updates should be appear in SCCM automatically?
  3. There is a bug. I have already created technet topic about this issue. I've got answer, Microsoft recommends to use DPMadextensiontool from SCDPM 2012 SP1 installation or use a script. I haven't tried to use this script, I've just copied extension tool from our production backup server.
  4. A very good guide! Thanks! But note that Windows Server 2012 R2 is not supported for SharePoint 2013 installation: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2891274/en-us So, setting up ShP 2013 on Win2012 R2 have been failed with "IIS configuration error" during prerquisites installation. There is a strange behaviour: When I try to install prerquisites manually, ShP setup informs me about incorrect App Fabric configuration and asks to uninstall it, when I uninstall it - ShP asks to install it:) I hope MS developers will fix this funny bug in Sharepoint 2013 SP1.
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