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  1. I tried this, but it didn't work. When I added the user account to the WSUS admin group, then it started working.
  2. Ok, I'll try that one. Local admin too I guess or do I have to add it to another special group.
  3. Hi, I've read the tutorial on how to setup a remote WSUS. But in that tutorial, you have to add the sccm server account to the local admin group. The problem is that the WSUS will be in another domain. How can I solve this? SCCM 2012 R2 is being used with windows server 2008 r2.
  4. Ok, so I've tried to import a custom boot image, but it didn't work. After a lot of cursing, I discovered that McAfee was blocking all of this. So I finally got it imported.
  5. Hi, I've got a small problem. Say you want to deploy a licensed product. I've created the package and then I wanted to deploy this package to a device collection. I noticed that approval was greyed out. If I want to deploy this to a user collection, it's working just fine. The problem is that when someone got the approval, he can go to any pc and install the software or am I not getting this right? Suppose I have the approval to install Visio. I can then go to another pc, log in and install visio. The next person to log in will have Visio available too then or not? If so, is there a solution? Thanks
  6. I know, but there has to be a reason why both images are not added. Maybe there is something else wrong that will cause other issues later on.
  7. Hi, I did a clean installation of SCCM 2012 SP1 some time ago. Last week, I've upgraded the installation to R2. Now that I want to start using the OS deployment function of SCCM, I noticed that I'm missing the default boot images. I don't know if they were present in the sp1 installation as I never used that function (I'm still using MDT at the moment). I've checked the images in the program files folder and they are present. Do you know how I can get them in the list? Thanks
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