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  1. Faronics has told me that we can either set Deepfreeze to handle the windows update (turn off windows update in Windows but set DeepFreeze for a windows update window) or let SCCM do it and not set a Windows update maintenance window. Until we started running into the DF service getting corrupted I would and still do set the bios to automatically turn the computers on 10 minutes before DF thaws the machines for maintenance (1AM in our case). With the computers thawed you can have SCCM deliver windows updates in a normal fashion but during the prescribed window. The DF task scheduler could be set up to run other updates on other days and times. I update Sophos on one day. I have not started trying to update JRE or Adobe but those could be done. Faronics has a white paper on SCCM and DeepFreeze. I think it mostly just tells you how to run the command line tool to thaw a machine prior to installing something or freeze it when done but it does give you insight into what might be done and how. DeepFreeze has been a good product for us and has saved us a lot of headaches.
  2. I did manage to get an image to upload and download using GimageX. As I said before, BCDEdit did not work because it could not find a store and so I coul not set a default. BCDBoot.exe x:\windows /s e: did work where the drive letter that got the new image.
  3. I need help imaging Windows 7 (64) Enterprise. I have been trying to use both the BrianJackson WinPE3.1 with GimageX on a usb stick and also a build using just ImageX. I can capture the image with both ImageX and Gimagex but I have been unable to apply the image. GImageX will look at the captured image and after a while will just close. If I try to apply it using Imagex then after a bit I see a message pop on the screen that says my PC has encountered a problem and then reboots. I have been unable to read the entire message before it reboots but it does not apply the image. I have tried using diskpart with no system partition created as one person told me that they do not use or create that and it works. The Microsoft pages all tell me that I have to create the Windows system partition but even doing that does not work. The times that I have managed to get a different image onto the computer the system will not boot and when trying to run BCDEdit and BCDBoot tell me there is no configuration store and so boot files never get copied to that partition. We do not have a Microsoft network so we are not using Active Directory or SCCM so deployment is not an option. The hardware that I am capturing the image from is identical to the hardware that I am applying it to and those are Intel DQ67 motherboards with 500gb hard drives and 8gb ram. Can someone help me find what I am missing in this process? It does not seem that hard and should work but definitely has not worked yet. Thank you.
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