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  1. I'm working on imaging a few hundred dell venue pros (5130) with sccm 2012 r2. I'm attempting to pxe boot the devices. i'm using the dell doc for this. I have gotten the device to boot and (as far a I know) install the pxe boot image. I get to the white System Configuration screen and I see it say preparing or starting network configuration and then it reboots. I turned on enable command support and have stopped it on the configuration screen and when I run ipconfig i'm not seeing any NICs. I also notice the nic light on the doc is out. I'm pretty certain i'm missing the driver for
  2. i'm working on imaging dell venue Pros 5130s. I believe I have everything set up correctly (i'm imaging on a dock) . I get the Checking Media... ipv4 screen that goes past to the ipv6 screen and hangs. i'm on sccm 2012 r2. can u point me to some logs to check? or have advice? thanks
  3. i have a simple name query (System.Name is like "clma06v%) i'm running it agains all systems and the query returns 9 clients, but if i go to all systems and search for clma06v it returns all 24. this seems to be happening on my other queries also. i'm running sccm 2012 r2
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