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  1. Great question. In a VM it looks fine, on a Surface 4 it reverts to the jumbled screenshot from the beginning of the thread.
  2. Here's a sample of the default hard coded size increased 2x (Surface DPI ratio is 2.04) on a Surface Pro 4: It will look like this within WinPE and the OS: Notice "Failure" (handled by wizard.css) and the Finish button on the bottom right are cut off. This happens on non-edited scripts as well due to high DPI
  3. Somewhat. This problem shows up in the OS as well. The fix you posted is adding video drivers while in PE. I had originally tried that for when the summary screen shows an error in WinPE but the additional drivers didn't make a difference with an HP Elite x2 and a Surface Pro 4. WPEInit still ignored the custom resolution on both models. I found the setting for the summary screen under this file: \Scripts\Summary_Definition_ENU.xml The problem is partially these two lines: <CustomStatement><![CDATA[ window.resizeTo 700,500 ]]> </CustomStatement> <CustomStatement><![CDATA[ window.moveTo Window.screen.width/2 - 700/2, Window.screen.height/2 - 500/2 ]]> </CustomStatement> Adding code to replace those two lines during deployment to get the properly scaled value (if DPI Ratio = 2, then the first line should be 1400,1000, etc) make it appear much better, however the "Finish" button is still getting cut off. I'm having trouble understanding what file is causing that. The Wizard.css seems to set the fonts and colors, but I can't yet tell how the button margins are being set.
  4. Not yet, I took a look and I see everything laid out. I had a similar problem writing custom LTI using dynamically sized forms via AutoIT, and figured out that Within WinPE: Scale up everything except the fonts, because UEFI will automatically do that for some reason.Within the OS: Scale up everything including fontsMy thought is if we already know the ratio of the scaling for some systems (via autoit include script), I can write custom css files with the necessary font sizes adjusted. It would likely fix the issue in WinPE as well as the header in the default screens are out of proportion. If all that works, it can be included as a userexit script before anything is processed. *crosses fingers*
  5. The text in the final summary screen in the OS appears jumbled on High DPI systems due to Win10 auto-scaling to > 100%. Down-scaling isn't an option because the text would look too small on high res systems. There was a myITForum post about this a few weeks ago: https://www.mail-archive.com/mdtosd@lists.myitforum.com/msg02617.html Are there any Wizard.CSS mod examples available? It seems I'd need one file per system (depending on DPI severity), is there no dynamic way to do this? PS: this is related to the issue in WinPE where High DPI systems in UEFI use full resolution with scaling, and no option to change other than loading graphics drivers, which didn't work for me on HP and Surface 4.
  6. Alternatively, you can create Boot media and add the variable under the customization portion, with name / value pair being SMSTSPreferredAdvertID / DeploymentID. This way only those with the ISO will see the TS.
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