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  1. Hi! In my environment (5000 clients) we had the same problem. Turned out it's how SCCM checks the clients' 'life indicators' that was the source of the problem. We use XDR antivirus, and have endpoint protection turned off. Endpoint protection being installed and switched on is one of the life indicators SCCM rely on to tell if a client is active/inactive. When I turned off Endpoint Protection in the client policy, the clients started to behave normally again. Took some time, a few months, but now everything is back to normal.
  2. Pehan

    Server ML pricing

    Thank you for shedding a little light I realised this is not a simple question, but I'm confused as to why it's so hard to figure out a rough price. I've sent a request to our licensing partners, but they keep telling me the price for the SCCM servers
  3. Can anybody give me a fairly straight answer to the question "How much does a server management license cost?" Case 1: All metal servers >100 Case 2: All VM servers >100 SA Enterprise, and not counting the cost of the licensing for the CM-servers. My management keep repeating that each license is gonna cost us north of 1000$, and I cannot find a clear answer anywhere. Thank you!
  4. We are semi-stuck in a transition between sccm2007 and sccm2012. We are slowly moving forward, but management are a little afraid, and so we are at a point where I get a feeling, that the client computers are confused as to where they need to get the advertised software. I start getting cases where computers cannot find the packages, and fail at installation. Is there a way for us to have these two systems coexisting on our network, or do we have to just get rid of sccm2007 ASAP? -peter
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