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  1. We have a ton of ConfigMgr clients that are showing they are on, but "inactive". Clients haven't sent their heard beat or inventory in several days...see attached pic. These machines have been powered on all week. They aren't able to install software from Software Center or take deployments. We recently upgraded to 5.00.8968.1000 and installed a hotfix. Any suggestions on what to check? Management Points all look good. Reinstalling the client appears to work but there are tons. We do use Sophos AV and recently tried Endpoint out before deciding to stay with Sophos. Sophos rolled out a new version and we added the following exceptions: C:\Windows\CCM C:\Windows\CCM\*.sdf C:\Windows\CCM\ServiceData C:\Windows\CCMCache C:\Windows\CCMSetup C:\Windows\CCM\Logs Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Running version ConfigMgr 5.00.8634.1000 build 8634 and trying to test multicast on the same VLAN, but the task sequence fails with error code 0x800070002. It worked about 6 months back., but haven't checked it since and we've upgraded version since then. Checked the Operating System Image to make sure that Multicast is enabled, checked the Network Access Account is set, checked the DP multicast settings, and checked the TS for downloading content. See screenshots below. I'm probably missing something. Any ideas? Distribution Point - Multicast settings Operating System Images - Distribution Settings Task Sequence - Deployment Options Thanks!
  3. The Configuration Manager Client is seen in Windows Updates for the Software-Based Client Installation, but never downloads. Boundaries are set. WSUS is on the primary site server and updates are stored on D:\Source\Updates. Any ideas on what to check? Thank you!
  4. The SCCM Client is seen for the Software-Based Client Installation, but never downloads. Any ideas on what to check?
  5. Yes, it did! Thanks so much! One of the system administrators had a group policy that changed the default permissions for C:\Windows\Tasks and that was causing the issue.
  6. Attached is the mpMSI.log. Also are some event log errors.
  7. Setup a new SCCM 1702 environment following the System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) guide. Single server with Windows 2016 Standard and SQL 2014 Standard. The Management Point won't install. It keeps failing with a fatal error. I checked Prereqs, uninstalled/reinstalled BITS, uninstalled/reinstalled the management point role, rebooted the server, and confirmed InstallUtil.exe and RegSvcs.exe had loadfromRemoteSources enabled="true". Attached are some logs that hopefully help. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. day79

    Multicast setup

    jeaostro, were you ever able to get it to work?
  9. day79

    Multicast setup

    No. We were never able to get it to work across vlans.
  10. day79

    Multicast setup

    Still no luck multicasting across vlans. My clients can multicast just fine when they are placed on the same vlan as my servers. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. My sccm setup is as follows: Server 1: SCCM Primary server, database server, PXE service point, FSP, SLP - Server 2008, SCCM 2007 R2 SP2, on VLAN A. Server 2: DP setup for Multicast - Server 2008 R2, on VLAN B. Server 3: MP, DP, WSUS - Server 2008 R2, on VLAN B. Clients are on their own vlans. I'm not using DHCP for the multicast scope, but set it through SCCM as I'm told by our cisco guys that the core switches, Cisco Catalyst 6500 series, are setup properly and should work. Here is what has been done on the cisco side for anyone interested: Cisco Global command: multicast-routing Enabled on each interface: ip helper-address DHCP Server ip directed-broadcast 101 ip pim sparse-dense-mode standby priority 101 standby preempt
  11. Thank you. Looks like I'm doing it correct, still not sure why it is rebooting outside the maintenane window. I will start over and see what happens.
  12. I guess I don't understand the reboot feature of software updates. I want the clients to install the updates during business hours, but not to reboot until the maintenance window. On the deployment properties, under the Schedule tab, I checked ignore maintenance windows and install immediately at deadline. I thought that meant it would download and install the updates immediately, but not reboot until the maintenace window is reached. Under Restart Settings tab, I do not have Allow system restart outside of maintenance windows checked. I thought this would have to be checked to allow any reboot. I guess I could check the Suppress restart on Workstations, but I was told that won't allow reboots even during maintenance window. I verified there was only one maintenace window for my clients and that it wasn't even close to that span of time. I still get a popup saying the machine will reboot in 10 minutes. Can someone corret me and tell me what I need to do? I appreciate it!
  13. day79

    Multicast setup

    I am trying to setup multicast for OSD on my two distribution points, both 2008. We use all cisco switches. Is there anything I need the cisco guys to add to the cisco configuration so multicast works properly across vlans?
  14. BITS confuses me. If I enable BITS on the client configuration and then on one of my four Distribution Points, then the clients will use BITS only when communicating with the DP with BITS enabled? If they communicate with the other DPs, they won't use BITS? Both BITS on the client configuration and Distribution Point have to be on? Do most people use BITS? I have 10,000 clients and no branch sites. Thanks!
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