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  1. Also, thank you for the tutorial on importing drivers into the Boot Images. Your walkthrough left nothing to be desired. I appreciate it.
  2. After the reinstallation of ADK 8.1, I was able to run copype.cmd. The only problem was that I could not load the x64 version because it said the "architecture was not found." Following this post: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/1155d38c-e7fd-4b4f-a31c-26875d4f47a7/windows-pe-error-using-windows-8-adk?forum=w8itproinstall I was able to fix that issue, and now I am able to import boot images into SCCM again. Edenost, thank you so much for your help. You're truly a great professional.
  3. It looks like I've got another issue. No copype program listed in that location. I'm guessing that's a corrupt install of ADK 8.1?
  4. Is copype not installed with ADK 8.1? I can't find it anywhere on the server and I've got 8.1 installed. It used to install with WAIK, so I assumed that it would install with ADK as well.
  5. We're looking in the same area. There were two Boot Images in there to begin with until I deleted them.
  6. Thanks Edenost. I removed the DP and added it back. I didn't have to redeploy any of my Apps or Software Update schedules, so do you think that means it didn't fully remove the DP? My problem persists either way. I am getting the same blank drop down. This seems like such a little thing. It's got to be something small right?!
  7. Sorry I'm getting back so late. Before I removed the Boot Images, the exact thing that Edenost mentioned was happening. I'd get all the way into the PE Environment, it would get to Preparing Network Connections and then reboot. So that was a driver issue huh? Where would I go to add those drivers? Now I need to get back to that point, because now it won't let me add the Boot Images back in. I don't get why, because I was able to add them in when I first created the server. I'd rather not have to recreate them if they're already ready to go.
  8. I've been having an issue where when I PXE boot to my SCCM server, it starts to load the Boot Image but then reboots immediately, leaving me in the same place I started. My assumption was that the Boot Image was corrupt, so I went to delete the image from the DP and Config Manager. Now when I go to add the boot images back into CM, I browse to the location where they're stored and I get a blank Boot Image drop down list. Has anyone seen this before? I've included a picture of what I'm talking about.
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