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  1. Thanks for all the information. Has anyone seen this before... I can set the site manually under the local admin account, but I cannot set the site code under my domain account (which is added as an administrator locally). I get an error in the locationservices log stating an incompatabile site version was found from AD and it cannot set the site. We did a clean install of SCCM 2012 and there are no GPOs set to point to an old sccm setup.
  2. Sorry for the delay. I work in school district and we have been closed all week due to snow. The old network admin setup the boundaries and boundary groups so I'm not entirely sure he set them up right. For exampble he set the boundaries up as an IP subnet and then added another boundary as and IP range for the same subnet. He did this for each of our subnets. He then create a boundary group for each subnet and another bounary group that is the only one which is "assigned" and added each subnet and IP range to that group. Not sure if this makes much sense but it seems like something is wrong w
  3. I am having an issue with our client push. When I push the client to our machine it installs fine but it gets a incompatiable version and will not automatically assign the site code. I can manually set the site code as a local admin and it works fine. I am thinking this may be a problem with the way I have the boundaries set up in SCCM. My question is, if I change the boundaries or boundary groups in SCCM will I need to extend AD again? Or does the changes automaitcally get replicated to AD? Thanks!
  4. I do not have any group policies set that point sccm to to any site code. As far as I know we installed SCCM 2012 fresh and did not upgrade from 2007.
  5. I am having issues with pushing the SCCM client. I am able to push the client just fine as it installs OK but it will not assign the site code. When I try to manually enter the site code I get the "Failed to Update Site Assignment" error. However, when I log off of my domain admin account and log on as the local administrator I can manually enter the site code and it accepts it. My domain account is added as a local administrator.. The old Network Admin who setup most of SCCM in not with us anymore so I am in charge of figuring out where he left off at and getting everything working. From
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