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  1. I too am having this issue.... so far Microsoft has been unable to solve.
  2. Figures as soon as I post the question I figure it out. Looks like there were some oddities when migrating and I was actually applying it to the wrong collection(should have been applying to the migrated collection)
  3. Hi, New to the forum.... I have been banging my head for a while now trying to get my 2012 SP1 environment up and running. I am close but have been running into an issue and I finally figured out what my problem was. Issue: My clients were not showing that they had any updates to run(when they should have) What I found was that because I was using nested collections(lots of diff maintenance windows) for some reason it is not passing down. Example, I apply the "server patches" deployment to a collection called Servers. Servers -3rd Week -4th Week -4th Monday -SERVERA -SERVERB -4th Tuesday -SERVERC ServerA-C never show that they have a deployment waiting for them. If I move the deployment to the collection "4th Tuesday" then SERVERC now shows that it has updates waiting for it. As soon as I move it back it goes away again. Am I missing something? This has always worked for me in the past with 2007. Any help is appreciated.
  4. By chance did you solve this? I am having the exact same issue. Everything checks out and no errors.... but still no updates.
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