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  1. How big is the database on the upstream server? Typically see that error when the upstream database is too large. Don't rely on the wizard to do any proper maintenance, You'll need a scripted solution as well as some manual work to reduce the size.
  2. Use it, Love it. On our file server I'm seeing no additional overhead, and de-dupe reductions of around 40%.
  3. there's a few ways it can be done - I'd guess they've implemented the MDT database. Expand out your deployment share, and look under advanced configuration, database.
  4. I'm guessing this is on an existing MDT deployment and not a new one? Re-read the article: Particularly when it says to copy the 4 updated scripts into <InstallationDirectory>\Templates\Distribution\Scripts (so that any new deployment share picks up the updated scripts) & <DeployRoot>\Scripts (in other words, the Scripts directory of your deployment share)
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