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  1. Sadly this doesn't appeared to have worked. I have added it to the TS before the Office install. Is this correct or should I be adding it else where? Thanks
  2. Thank you Peter. I shall give this a go now. Would you happen to know weather this variable is in seconds or minutes? Can anyone see any other issues? Would like to get this out of the way. Thanks
  3. Hi All I am pleeding for a little guidance. I am in the process of putting together a new image for the educational establishment that I work for. Our setup is a single site server running Win 20012 R2 with SQL 2012 and SCCM 2012 R2. The server is running on V-Sphere 5.1 Everything has been working fine until I hit the deployment of windows 7 > joining domain > installing apps/packages I have had this working on an older version of Windows/SCCM 2012 however, that server was setup incorrectly and was causing more harm than good. Thus leading me to create a new server with the above config. The OS seems to be installing perfectly as well as the joining of the domain. I have deleted all apps and OS images/installers and recreated them many times. I have also distributed and re-distributed everything. The Network Access account verifies perfectly Please see the attached smsts.log from a machine and the basic task sequence. I am aware there are errors, I am looking for a solution to these errors. Should I look at using a MDT TS instead of the standard SCCM TS? 90% of the time I get the error Code 0x80004005 (It usually errors on the install of Office 2013) Any advice would be highly appreciated. PLEASE Many Thanks Edd smsts.log smsts-20140219-162335.log
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