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  1. ok i understand what you mean but the problem is that i need to deploy 4 diferent keyboard layouts the get inserted by the database but the date curenc format wil not be applied and thats the problem
  2. hi guys im running into a dificould problem im trying to install multiple languages on a windows xp sp3 pacjk i run this by a sql database this stuff is easy but when it comes to the regional settings it goos verry wrong the key board setting are taken bij the ztigather and actualy applied but when it commes to standard and formats i gues this is the systemlocal he will not read it from the database any sugestions
  3. Hi I dont know what is going wrong i alwaiys get the error to setup windows vista error code 31 in the smst.log i put the file hire please somone have a look smsts.log
  4. hi when i try to install a package i get this to work program wil not show anything
  5. nope its still verry slow an instalation of adobe 9.0 wil take up to 4 houres to downlad the boudarys are ok i dont know whats happening regards
  6. tnx for the reply found the problem anyone look at you dhcp setting the dns could be wrong
  7. hi the problem is the pxe response is verry slow the he response that he has to download the winpe image but wont go any further a task advertismen on an existing windows is extreemly slow what is goiing on ? any toughs
  8. dave

    deploy windows xp

    tnx all this was the solution the wrong windows PE now i finaly captured an os but how to deploy that one instead of the to build one ?
  9. I had the same problem before i deleted al te distribution packages and i update it afterward you kan find them in you c drive under C:\SMSPKGC$ regards
  10. dave

    deploy windows xp

    i think it was the ultimate version regards
  11. dave

    deploy windows xp

    Hi i search a few website and the tel me its about the format in windows pe now is there a way tho let the user diside how the format is done ?
  12. dave

    deploy windows xp

    yeah fully followed the mùanual but now i get bootmgr is missing dont know whats going wrong
  13. dave

    deploy windows xp

    the first one has a sata controller but setup as an ide the second one has onliy a ide controler but the instalation goos whel until he should prepare himself to sysprep and capture the system regards
  14. Hi all I have a problem when im deploying windows everything is going fine until he enters te bleu setup screen we al know and after the completion he reboots the pc and thats it he tries to boot te disk but this wont do it i tested it on 2 diferent systems and it wont go al the way any sugestions ? on 1 system i get error leading operation system
  15. once I import the computer using computer association, I no longer see the error above..... i did this twice but dosnt seem to solv te problem any sugestions ? regards
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