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  1. Mine looks like this and works fine: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" "E:\Powershell_scripts\OSD_Provisioning_SCCM\email_OSD.ps1 '%msgsys' '%msgdesc'"
  2. OK, thx for confirmation and explanation.
  3. thx. I've read a lot information and I think I need the full WSUS installation on the CAS and primary sites and make the SUP's active software points. So I think when I have 5 primary sites there will be 5 wsus databases. I cannot imagine that's correct. Also I do not understand when I need to install the WSUS admin console only. I cannot think for a scenario like this. There are always clients in a primary sites and when this site needs be a active SUP a full WSUS is required. Please help to clarify this.
  4. I'm having some issues configuring SUP on the primary site SCCM 2012 wtih CAS server. I getting eventiD's 7000, 6600, 6703, etc. I will start all over again. What is the best practice for software updates? CAS: Full WSUS 3.0 SP2 with - local database - Active software update point on site server - port 8530/8531 - allow intranet only..... SUP role with "use this server as active server point" 8530 PRI: WSUS administrator console (or full WSUS with database?) SUP role with "use this server as active server point" 8530? thx
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a silent deployment solution for updating the firmware > 1000 SSD disks for an Optiplex 780. I hope someone already have a solution for this. The upgrade is a complex process. Maybe it isn't even possible...I can not found a silent/unattended parameter for execute the DOSRD1_0.EXE http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/555/DriverDetails/DriverFileFormats?DriverId=R276513&FileId=2731113924
  6. I have a simple script that can create collections from reading an excel sheet. All you is a sheet with A=Collection B=Comment C=GlobalGroup first row is for titles. Change the first four strxxx files with your environment settings. Normally I use this script for creating advertisements, packages, etc. I've cleaned up it a little bit. It is still dirty, but it works. I've trouble to run it on x64 win7, so I run it from XP x86. script: 'On Error Resume Next Option Explicit strServerNaam= "SERVER04" strSoftwareCollection="P0100173" strDomain1="DOMAINNAME" strQueryNa
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