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  1. Hello there! First i would like to thank you for the help I already got from you guys, even before i posted anything on here. This forum is great! I got a lot of useful information just from reading topics over here. But i'm still struggling... My objective is to get a WDS-server up and running so we can stop using our ghost server for reimaging our clients. I have encountered a number of problems of which I was able to resolve most by searching the web (for example that the client doesn't get an ip-address before trying to PXE-boot). But now I get following messages and I have no clue what to do. PXE-T04: Access Violation PXE-E36: Error Received from TFTP Server PXE-M-F Exiting PXE Rom Everything i find online suggests it is because my server and client are on different subnets or vlans and that it could be resolved by setting up ip helpers on the router. The problem is that my server and client are on the same subnet, I have no vlans configured as far as I know and they are directly connected to the same switch. So this means that normally when one of them broadcasts something it gets forwarded to all the others and it doesn't need interaction with the router. My setup is as follows: I have installed WDS on a seperate server (windows server 2012), so it isn't authorized in DHCP. I added options 66,67 and 60 to the DHCP-server with their required parameters (option 66 points to the ip-address of the WDS-server, option 67 points to the wdsnbp.com file). I also opened up the ports needed on the WDS-server (UDP 67-69, 4011, 50000-65000 and TCP 135, 137-139, 5040). I hope someone can help me out with this. If you need more information of a specific part, I'll try to provide it.
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