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  1. This has been resolved! Not sure what steps fixed it, but it appears to be taken care of...
  2. Here's some logs from WindowsUpdate.log. Can anyone tell me where the problem could be based on this info? 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 3296 c38 COMAPI ------------- 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 3296 c38 COMAPI -- START -- COMAPI: Search [ClientId = CcmExec] 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 3296 c38 COMAPI --------- 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 3296 c38 COMAPI <<-- SUBMITTED -- COMAPI: Search [ClientId = CcmExec] 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 1120 714 Agent ************* 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 1120 714 Agent ** START ** Agent: Finding updates [CallerId = CcmExec] 2016-03-21 15:29:54:540 1120 714 Agent **
  3. I did note KB3138612, but installing this on an impacted PC did not seem to resolve the issue...
  4. So I'm experiencing WSUS issues again in our Windows 7 x86, SCCM 2012 R2 environment. The past two times this has happened to us, Microsoft released a discrete Windows Update hotfix to resolve the issues. Reviewing the patches from this past patch Tuesday though, it looks like some of them aren't getting deployed. They ARE showing up as required for these PCs in compliance reporting within SCCM, and the deployment is present. However, when you attempt to "download updates" on these PCs, it says Windows Is Up To Date... But if you choose to search online, the updates show up. Has anyone
  5. I'm actually starting to see this issue AGAIN on the recent Windows Update patches.... Even on PCs with KB3112343 installed. I don't see any other recent Windows Updates specific to Windows Update though.
  6. KB3112343 is the hotfix, yes... I had to set up a program/package that uses wusa.exe to install the patch.
  7. Just an update... This only seems to be happening with a boot image prepared with MDT/ADK 10. When I prepare it with a lower version, it works fine. Has anyone with 10 experienced this?
  8. I had to deal with this issue several weeks ago and about pulled my hair out... See my post at https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/13662-wsus-issues/ Make sure this hot fix is installed on all PCs in your environment.
  9. The logs don't really say much of anything, unfortunately. Not much data is logged when it attempts to make this connection, it seems. If I'm missing something and it's logging somewhere I'm not seeing, I'd be happy to share it. The username and password are correct.
  10. Hey all, I'm trying to set up MDT in our environment and I'm running into issues during the domain join. I have it checking for authentication and when I input the administrator password, it tells me that the user credentials are invalid. When I review the logs, I can see that it's detecting the network driver. I can ping our AD server and ConfigMgr server. I made sure to include the FQDN, but it's not accepting anything I put in. Any advice? Help would be very appreciated!
  11. I use query-based collections in SCCM for PC models and they're updating fine. It seems to be however SCSM is pulling the data that's not correct. The connector is active and updating, but the models are just incorrect. Unfortunately my SQL skills aren't that great but I'll see what my team can do to investigate.
  12. Hey all! I'm pretty new to using MDT alongside SCCM and there's a few objectives that I'd really like to figure out. 1. How can you better customize options within a MDT "Install Software" option? For example, if I wanted to create an option where the person selected what department a PC is going to belong to, I'd like to have it automatically check or uncheck associated software. I previously did this within SCCM with task sequence variables. 2. Likewise, I'd like this sequence to be able to determine which installers to use based on whether or not the build is x86 or x64. I've n
  13. Hardware scans are all recent -- I do them daily.
  14. Hey all, So I have an interesting situation and wasn't sure what forum to post this on. We have a SCCM environment and also use Service Manager for our ticketing system. We have a connector in SCSM for SCCM, and that connector pulls data from SCCM for devices such as PC model, specs, installed updates and applications, etc. In SCSM, I've noticed that the models for our workstations are incorrect. It *is* showing recent inventory dates though so it doesn't seem to be an issue of the inventory being out-of-date. I should probably note that we've conducted a refresh of our desktop env
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