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  1. Thats a very good idea, thanks! What query statement do you use?
  2. Is it possible to set a deployment to superseded another deployment and it automatically installs for all those users which have it installed, but remains "available" for those that haven't. Take for instance a Java install. I create a Java application with v8.35. I set it as Available and deploy to the Staff collection. Users who require Java can install it and the rest do not. A new version is released. I create a new application Java v8.45. I set it to superseded v8.35 and deploy as 'Available' again to the Staff collection. I retire v8.35 at the same time. How can I make the deployment update all those users who manually chose to install v8.35, but not force a collection wide "required" rollout of java. Thanks in advance. I think I know the answer in that SCCM doesn't handle third party software updates like this, but it seems like a pretty straightforward and basic feature that would benefit many.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to configure a secondary software update server to download the updates in packages from microsoft? We have a remote site which has a very poor VPN connection between the two sites. We prestage all other packages to this site and I would prefer to not have to take security updates down there all the time. We currently use a downstream WSUS server which gets meta information from the primary but downloads the updates directly from microsoft. However due to a range of reasons I would quite like to start using SCCM SUP. Cheers
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