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  1. I am trying to build an XP image that will be pushed out to 'refresh' exisiting XP installed and these will become dumb terminals for RDP use only. The basic steps i am trying to follow are Create Deployment Share Add XP Operating system under Operating Systems Add Capture and Sysprep Task Sequence .. & so on I am unable to add XP as an Operating System and this is stopping me from creating the Task Sequence as you need to point to an imported OS during the wizard. Process - Right click Operating Systems > Import Operating System > Full set of source files > Browse to OS files > Error Import Operating System Wizard : Please fix all errors before continuing. The source directory sepcified does not contain an identifiable Operating System I have tried mounting OEM and non OEM discs, SP3 & SP2, copied install files from disc to folder.. I dont have a problem adding Win7 and up. Im running version 6.2.5019.0 which should support XP.. Any ideas?
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