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  1. I'm sorry I can confirm that. My deployment is to select unknown device deployment. I've created a new quest series. It's magically done The PXE is ready to boote . Sequence of tasks I created, they're all displayed I want to know why this problem arises Avoid other people deploying this problem Cheers This task sequence has successfully deployed one device
  2. Dear all A problem was encountered, MECM2203 deployment completed. However, it cannot boot from PXE. As shown in the figure below. I only publish a boot image for the X64.Starting the mirroring status was successful I checked the smspxe.log log file. Follow this error log for a Google fix. But there is no effective solution to this problem SMSPXE.log
  3. cheers I feel the boot image package problem has been solved But there are new problems. The virtual machine cannot be started in PXE. I checked the smspxe.log log file I want to know what happened to PXE Looking forward to your reply
  4. I Googled the solution for two days. But there is no effective solution to the problem. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my base environment. MECM2203 version: Will there be any special attention to deployment 1)Three DP Server 2019 2)One AD domain controller;A SQL server;The distribution point and the administration point are one DP 3)ADK&winPE The following
  5. 1)I checked my site and found that the image ID was the boot image package. 2)But it looks normal to me. 3)I Googled for a solution. But it didn't work. 4)Do we have a good solution? Thank you for your
  6. Dear all Have you encountered this error The attachment is the smsts.log file of the error occurred smsts.log
  7. Thank you for your reply Tab and then hit Enter. You are ready to add the path. Thank you for your I found Alt +B. You can also open the path window. Is this a bug?
  8. 我可以根据你的1902版本构建它。但是我发现它无法升级到2203版本。我建立了一个新的测试环境。 新的2203测试环境如下: 1)SQL版本2017 2)服务器版本 2019 3)MECM:2203 ADK和WinpE支持WIN11 我做了很多研究。解决问题但无法解决 smsadminui.log 是的。发生此问题时,我检查了此日志
  9. I was able to build it based on your version 1902. But I found it couldn't be upgraded to version 2203. I built a new test environment. The new 2203 test environment is as follows: 1)SQL Version 2017 2)Server Version 2019 3)MECM:2203 ADK and WinpE support WIN11 I did a lot of research. To solve the problem but couldn't solve it smsadminui.log yes. I checked this log when this problem occurred
  10. Thank you for your reply I checked my security role. The account I logged into is a full access administrator
  11. Hello, I don't understand what you mean. Your role is full administrator But I checked the logged role The login user name has been added to the Admisistrator group SmsAdminUI.logWill this log file help me analyze it
  12. Hello I have a problem here When adding the operating system image package wizard. The path cannot be pasted and entered It's gray and I can't enter my path Looking forward to your reply
  13. Thank you very much Thank you for your guidance Script files: Some reply files. You can skip the computer Settings
  14. Thank you for your reply 1)Thank you for your questions。Do we have documentation to explain SCCM principle in detail 2)The SCCM version that I'm building right now is 1902。Is there a way to upgrade SCCM version documents directly? 3)Is there a good SCCM script documentation to refer to? Looking forward to your reply.
  15. Thank you very much I changed DNS, and it worked I want to understand how it works. Why do YOU need DNS resolution? Parsing my SQL Server?
  16. Thank you first The smsts.log file has been uploaded In the SCCM deployment environment, SQL, AD, and SCMM services are independently deployed Looking forward to your reply smsts.log
  17. Dear All The task sequence error cannot be executed。
  18. First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply to this question. After I deployed SCCM R2, the task sequence could not access the deployment and error 0X8000405 was reported. An error occurred while viewing the SCCM site. SQL error message.
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