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  1. We are currently running on SCCM 2007 and will be moving to SCCM 2012. However we are not going to bring anything over we are going to start from scratch. My main question is if we don't bring anything over and we have SCCM 2012 re-discover all of the collections will we cause any kind of damage? We don't want to have machines start imaging out of nowhere because it thinks it needs some software that it already has installed? Any help would greatly be appreciated Luis D.
  2. Hello we are in the process of testing out Windows 8 to roll out to our employees and we are running into a small issue. Our UAC is turned off for all users which is causing issues with the apps not being able to launch. This GPO is a carry over from Windows 7. Is there anyway we can keep UAC turned off and also allow apps to be launched? thanks, Luis D
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