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  1. That would be nice but as a noob to HTA frontends, it would be easier for me to incorporate what is already available as much as possible rather than learn the coding and tinker with something I know relatively little about, unless it turns out it is pretty simple to pluck bits out of one and import into another?
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, I've had a quick look at the approach of the multi-image HTA/TS and it could definitely help. The approach that I am looking for that would ideally fit our needs would be to link the 2 HTA frontends from 1 task sequence if possible. For example, run the Bitlocker HTA sequence as a "main menu", once refresh or new image is selected, this then runs the multi-image front end to select the required image.
  3. Hi, Firstly I'd like to say well done on the HTA, its very impressive and I would very much like to adapt it for our Windows 7 refresh. My (possibly first) question is around multiple refresh images. In our organization, we have created multiple sequences, that are chosen manually by the imager in WinPE depending on the requirement i.e. staff computer, client computer or a number of specific department builds. My question is can the HTA be (reasonably simply) adapted to perhaps to allow select of an alternate task sequence once the 'Refresh' icon is selected? Or perhaps incorporate the choice into the HTA sequence somehow?
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