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  1. WilbyWilson, I am targeting the appropriate collection. I think it's just taking a long time before the client gets the available deployments. Is there a command or option somewhere that "forces" the client to check the server for available deployments? Or a setting that configures the interval / amount of time that the client receives notifications of new deployments? I've been doing some Google searches and going over a lot of the menu options in SCCM but not finding anything. RA
  2. WilbyWilson, Thanks for your reply. In answer to your question regarding the Office Updates deployment, they have not installed yet. I checked another system which is also a member of the two different collections and the Office Updates do not show up in Software Center on that system either. If you configure the software update deployments with an "as soon as possible" available time, the updates should show up in Software Center regardless of when the deadline is, correct? Or does one software update deployment need to complete on that system before the other deployment becomes avail
  3. This is actually pertaining to SCCM 2012 R2 but I'm sure this would apply to SCCM 2012 as well. I'm trying to determine how SCCM handles scenarios where you have two or more software update deployments, and each deployment is configured to deploy to a different collection, and one or more clients are members of each of those collections. Is this a valid scenario or can you only have multiple software deployments going to collections with unique memberships i.e. a client is a member of only one of those targeted collections. The reason I ask this is because it seems that only one software up
  4. Hi, First I wanted to thank you for all the great HOWTOs on SCCM 2012. They have been very helpful and informative. I wanted to run this by you and see if I can get your input. We have an existing WSUS server right now so I wanted to know how we can integrate that with SCCM. I think I would install the basic SCCM configuration on our existing WSUS server and create a software update point, correct? Does it matter if it's already functioning as a WSUS server? From what I've read in your HOWTO, you install the WSUS role on the SCCM server but you don't configure the WSUS role afterward.
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