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  1. Afternoon guys I was wondering if you could help me! I managed to screw up my SCCM 2012 R2 really bad, my C: drive was running dangerously low on space so I decided to run a 3rd party program (CCLEANER) and clicked more options that I normally would including delete all my IIS log files, which gave me back 13GB, I thought yeah great! This will give me some time so I add some more space to my partition in the meantime however everytime I connected to the SCCM Console I get the error Configuration Manager cannot connect to site. Somehow it managed to screw up the database badly on the SQL 2012 (both SQL and SCCM installed locally) which I proceeded to uninstall then reinstall from scratch again. Low and behold this didn't work at all. I tried to do a site reset but it tells me that the primary site is corrupted. Setup cannot find a valid site control image in the database or in the site control file. Please help I am at a loss on what to do as I'm still new to SCCM. I will upload the SmsAdminUI.log and ConfigMgrSetup.log to give you guys an idea of what trouble I've caused myself, its like SCCM cant connect to the SQL DB anymore. I am willing to reinstall SCCM again as a last resort however will it delete all my application packages, boot images, etc etc, spent countless hours making them! Bear in mind I wasn't the person to setup SCCM2012 in the first place so alot of the configuration is different to how it should of been set up on this forum, if I am forced to reinstall from scratch I'll follow the forum guide to the letter. Please advise if I need to upload any more logs. Thank you in advance for any assistance you could bring *EDIT* Also uploading sitecomp.log SmsAdminUI.log ConfigMgrSetup.log sitecomp.log
  2. Did you meet all the prerequisites before adding the role? I remember I made that mistake once I cant remember the exact software I had to download beforehand in order to enable WSUS role to appear, report viewer redistributable 2008 or something? But then again I'm on 2008r2, althought I do know if you installed wsus on 2008r2 and upgraded to 2012 without uninstalling wsus first, it causes it to mess up big time!
  3. Thanks for the response bud! i thought the driver issue wouldnt of been a problem as the image I capture already has those drivers, please forgive my naivety the SCCM world is very new to me. The reason I haven't created in VH is we have 4 different types of machines here and thought it would be easier to create an image for each type of workstation for example Student viglen omnino 3 (worse piece of hardware ever made) - image mainly for student workstations with specific apps Staff viglen omnino 3 - image for staff computers only which has teacher specific apps aswell as classroom monitoring tools Staff RM one - same as above Student HP compaq 8000 - same as student viglen Not sure what you mean when you say "use the apply data image step to apply the D: drive," Do these steps seem ok to you? Sorry for being dumb, this is all new for me before I started my job here someone else already set up SCCM which was very different from your guide so I had to chop and choose alot of the parts from your guide
  4. Good day guys, would like to say thank you for all the genius guides and fixes this forum has provided me in the past and the incredibly detailed and helpful SCCM 2012 guide I have been following lately... however! I am an IT technician at a high school which currently has over 1000 kids and 300 staff, as you may guess that gives us a high inventory of workstations, around 900. One of my tasks my network manager has given me is to master SCCM 2012, which having no knowledge about prior seem to get by just fine but I am at my wits end with this problem I seem to be experiencing so anyways... Currently using SCCM 2012 R2 with all the latest updates running on Server 2008 R2 1 Primary site, no CAS 683 active workstations domained Deploying Windows 7 Professional SP1 with all the latest updates, antivirus, all software etc etc. At the moment I am not using the Build & Capture task sequence, I prefer to build the image manually first then capture the image using the configuration manager capture tool which we keep on a CD that tells me that I must undomain the image before it can be captured (not a problem) When I first installed windows 7 I booted it into AUDIT MODE during its first time initialization so we can move the user profile and appdata onto a separate partition on the same drive so C: would be the system partition and D: would solely be for user profiles as we use roaming profiles. My problem is once I have distributed the image onto SCCM and deploy the task sequence onto the test machine, for one it doesnt join the domain at all despite inputting the correct credentials (which is another problem) which puts the OS with local admin logon only, now when we input the local admin credentials its kicks us out saying the "User profile service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded". I have no idea why this happens as after the capturing is complete on the test computer we can log back on locally without a problem but when deployed to other test workstations it kicks us out, please help! P.S. ignore the red X's in the task sequence I removed the image after this error started happening. The user profile service hotfix was just a command line I found on another forum not sure if it even works or not! Please advise what I am doing wrong, got a deadline to meet
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