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  1. I had a problem wit ha TS and when I went to make a copy so as to not work in production, it simply disapeared. Is there a way to restore that TS? JM
  2. We figured it out. when the package became disassociated with teh TS we pointed it back to the folder, however it wqnted to be pointed to ccmsetup.exe once we did that all became rightwith teh world... how and why it happened we do not know but its fixed Thanks for your help I appreciate your being out here I troll your stuff often.
  3. This capture sequence was performed when the reference computer was finished: date="11-16-2012". Apparently the latest TS sequences are appended to this log? The process in question would have been for 11-10-2014, OSDSetupHook.exe.
  4. Yes this is a task sequence that installs my OS. Opened the TS and sccm admin console was disassosiated with the TS. Resolving that gives me the OS but nothing else I see sccm admin console come across and install but it reboots and I have no activity after that save for a reboot and a prep for first use. Thanks
  5. can somebody look at my two smsts logs. My build dies after instaling sms admin console. It reboots and opens to the OS. no tasks take place after the admin console downloads and installs, save for a reboot and then prearing your computer for first use It joins the doamina nd I have my drivers etc.... smsts-20141110-192938.log smsts.log dism.log
  6. antun did you ever resolve this I find my self in a very similar situation.
  7. Very new to SCCM 2007 and all was well until a few days ago. Updating my task sequence for the new java package I noticed a red x in my TS for SCCM setup and config Mngr and I stumbled around a bit and figured out that it needed to point back to my app share for a package that has smssetup.exe ccmsetup and a host of other files. I am at a loss as to how this became unassociated as you can’t simply wipe out the package entry, you have to go through the motions to change it. As the primary admin for this and basically the only one poking around inside the TS and package deployment world I know it’s not something I touched. However once I pointed it back to the package and did a build the only thing I got was the OS laid down and nothing else no apps etc. The smsts logs simply say 0x80700002 and a 404 package not found but does not say what package. I checked the backups from a month ago to see if those files had changed and they did not, but then again I have not performed a build in a long time (company is laying off not hiring) Now I can’t even get the OS to start for first time use so it’s a struggle to get to the smsts.log and the last one I got is truncated and has only entries involving OSDSetUpHook. Is it possible the sql data base is somehow screwed up and that’s how the association was lost? I am dead in the water and not the most totally adept sccm user and know nothing about SQL but can find somebody here that does.
  8. OK absolute noob here. I've been "learning" SCCM 2007 for about a year and while I can do a lot of things, I cannot script so I am forced to dig out stuff from those of you online who generously share your knowledge. I am diving into reports and queries but struggle with doing a copy paste of these reports and having them function without error. I am copy/pasting to word pad and then trying to paste it in to sccm but seems like it never works. My assumption is that I am not addressing or qualifying the tables that are being used. simply pasting the SQL statement: is not enough correct? I down loaded a utility - Creating Custom Reports By Using SQL Views but its a huge struggle if you don't know SQL. My goal is to get one that shows me all devices that are member's of more than one collection and I would like, having now found it, to use this All-in-one report. jm
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