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  1. Thanks for the reply Peter. I do have a distribution point on the two secondary SCCM servers but I cannot get the WSUS installed correctly on them because I get errors in the Site System Status that others have talked about in this form. I read the install procedure for the remote install of WSUS but I do not think that is what I need in this scenario. it appears there are two ways to use the remote wsus? It looks like I can use the primary SCCM to control the secondary DPs but WSUS is required on the Primary and the two secondaries. I installed WSUS on all three servers with full install. Both secondaries became replicas of the primary WSUS. Is that the correct way to install them. I did not select the option to use ports 8530 and 8531 but left them at port 80 and 443.
  2. I have been administrator since SMS2003 and have a couple questions that I can not figure out. I have read many posts here and did look at the link http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=812 how to install WSUS on remote site. I am using SCCM 2007 at this time, WSUS is fully installed on three servers. One Primary site SCCM 07 server and two secondary site servers used as distribution and SUPs. I can re-image computers using tasks and USMT, push software packages . We have the WSUS setup to automatically download Forefront definition updates which gets pushed out automatically. We want to control how security updates get pushed out manually by placing the computers in collections which is working fine. my question: I want computers in the secondary sites to download updates from them instead of pulling from the primary site server. I did the full installation of WSUS in the secondary sites and now want to know how to let them pull from the primary and be controlled from the primary. I am simply confused about the selections on the wsus setup.
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