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  1. Remote Differential Compression IS enabled on the DPs so it isn't that. There is also no quota set on the server. I have discovered what the issue probably is in that the server has run out of space (Again!!) and that SCCM basically just eats up disc space for no apparent reason, we started on 250GB at Easter and now we are at 500GB and all we have are a few images and some programs. I did notice though in the ContentLib folder that there are lots of folders that seem to contain more folders with the names of everything on our servers and within these are .dlls. Is this replication the reaso
  2. Hello All Been a many time reader of these great forums but first time asking for help. I have an issue with trying to run a task sequence. I have created a new wim through CM and originally I put down one of our servers as the save point for it. When I built the TS I selected this file as the windows image but when I ran the TS it failed at this point saying it couldn't find the file "a package referenced by the task sequence could not be found". I moved the wim to the SCCM local server as the distmgr.log said it couldn't find the file/or didn't have access rights to it. Again I got the
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