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  1. Hi Niall, I just used the steps, not the script. so the issue, but managed to get through by "disabling First Run Wizard" for IE Thanks again for all your help...
  2. Am attaching the actual error message and also the "unattend.xml with oobe system" screenshot.Am unable to attach xml file for your reference to this post,kindly let me know if I have to email you if you want to have a look at it. Kindly let me know if any more info required Eagerly Waiting for your reply.
  3. Thanks Niall, that worked ,but I am now stuck with deployment, not sure if any changes to be made to task sequence, I am getting command prompt with X:\ windows\system32 prompt after the installation completes, I exit out of it, system reboots and gets stuck in :Getting ready screen" for long time and then "Unattend.xml parse ..could not access panther etc.. failure" message pops and another message says installation incomplete and asks to reinstall again, (IE welcome page - false) which was an issue is fixed in 2013,not sure what the issue with 2013.. kindly help
  4. Dear Niall. I am a big fan of you as many of your articles are real life savers. I am approaching now for a solution for Windows 8.1 custom image deplyment on surface pro 3 . I have an image which is around 10 Gigs and am unable to copy it in USB due to Fat 32 restriction as surface only supports fat32, I dont have an option of using WDS as BootP is not an option in my network. Only way out am thinking is boot using USB and install OS over the network using MDT 2013. am not successful in it,can you guide me in doing this and also any other ways of achieving this.desperately seeking your reply. Regards Chan
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