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  1. Hi, I'm deploying Window 7 to existing computers and they are allready in Active Directory. But domain join failed on these existing computers in AD. These computers are joined to the domain with an other useraccount other then my domain join account with delegation which i now use with MDT. I've made an OU: MDT - Users (my useraccount: MDTdomainjoin) - Computers I've right click Computers and add some delegation to it with user MDTdomainjoin It work for unknow computers, but not for existing computers. Existing computers are also in other OU's and they need to stay in that ou, they must not be moved to the MDT - Computers OU. I've manually tried to join this computer tot the domain with the MDTdomainjoin account but it gives this error (see attachment) How to fix this?
  2. Hi, No only the Microsoft Surface pro 2..........at least for now. Surface pro 3 and "normal" computers works fine.
  3. hi, great guide. thanks. but what about the Surface Pro 2? I got MDT setup with the correct drivers and so on, but when i pxe boot the boot.wim takes about 6 ~8 minutes to load. anyone has experienced the same?
  4. offcource i've seen you're great guides and i'm thankfull for that. but i like to hear some real workfloor stories about it.
  5. Hi, I'm just starting with CM2012 and i'm wondering if there's a max number of clients I can deploy with CM simultaneously. I've heard some complaints about it. I've use Ghostcast for windows 7 images right now and a image about 20GB takes about 2~4hours(max) to deploy at 80 computers simultaneously. But with WDS/MDT/CM I can automate the process. like joining to domains and so on. But i'm afraid to use CM it simultaneously on 80 computers. Everything is full Gigabit and Cisco switches. and switch to switch is Glass. Anyone has ideas? Thanks
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