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  1. Hey guys I have a client who is required to partition their Windows 8.1 installation in three different partitions: C:(OS Partition) d:(SQLData Partition) E:(Client Data Partition) G:(CD-ROM) I Already know that I should not use multiple drives for OSD but this is the requirement I have been given... When I deploy my TS through PxE or USB Bootable Media all the drives are labeled correctly... C,D and E but if I Use Standalone USB Media then I end up with C, E and F and G as CDRom. I know that WinPE assigns a drive letter to the usb stick usually d: but not always so how can I set the USB Standalone media to act the same way as PxE and Usb Boot Media? is there a way to have PE set the USB drive to drives latter in the alphabet? s, t or w? Please help
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