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  1. Hi there Kingskawn, Why are you choosing to download from the internet if you already have an in house WSUS server in your environment ? Shouldn't the updates be on the \WSUScontent folder ? I'm just curious ..
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to view SCCM in graphical mode or simply viewing reports using graphs ? if so how ?
  3. Hi Again, I created the Windows defender query successfully. Now for the second phase - I'm attempting to create a query based collection, but when i click on Import Query statement on the Query rule propeties box i do not see my Query which i created earlier "All Systems With Windows Defender". Am i missing something. i only see default queries there. Regards, NS.
  4. Thank you Turbomcp, Worked like a bomb. yes you're right, since i opted to use SCCM2007 for patch management, my work has decreased drastically.
  5. Hi there, I know this must be easy pickings for most administrators in this site but since im quite new in this environment i need a bit of help. I need to create a query for All machines with Windows Defender and link that query to a collection, Is this possible ? My ultimate goal is to distribute windows defender definition updates to a target collection. * all my machines are vista * SCCM 2007 environment Regards, SCCM Administrator
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