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  1. Also IIS7.0 is local on the box where SCCM2007 SP1 will reside.
  2. Here is a jpg of my desktop on the server. I am a Domain Administrator. Cheers
  3. No. It is a member server in a domain. Our DC is a seperate box running the AD, DNS, DHCP. I even tried looking and following this article for MS http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/library/cc431377.aspx to see if any changes would occur. Again same msg. No firewall is enabled, IIS Service works and can connect via web browser and see the nice green welcome screen.
  4. I am running windows server 2008. I could not find this driver in device manager after enabling the show hidden devices. Also in our DC we do not have DFS installed or enabled.
  5. Yes sir. I verified that the firewall was off and that your steps were followed precisely. I also took a look at the Micrsoft technet articles. Basically the same thing as your instructions. I'm really stuck at this point.
  6. Hey Brother, I read you step be step guide to installing sccm on server 2008. After installing the webdav and testing with the "net use * http://localhost" i get a System error 67 has occured. The Network name is cannot be found. I can browse to the localhost perfectly. I just get this when I test. I tried playing with the permissions but still nothing. Please help? Thank You friend, Anthony
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