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  1. A question to anyweb, We are good with the initial capturing of an image. What we cannot find is a good answer to the best way to update or replace a existing image. We are required to update these regularly because of patches and software updates. What I see them doing now is they capture the new image pretty much as you described and give it a new name. Then they delete the old image from the server via the WDS interface. It works in that they capture their new image, but it seems to grow the RWM each time (unnecessarily in my mind). I believe they think deleting it will reduce its size, but what appears to happen is it get larger. I am trying to replicate all images across sites, but found DFSr does not replicate delta changes only on RWMs, it replicates the whole file each time. So this method has grown an RWM to 30GB at one point! I have read in replacing images in the console, but it seems to require capturing, exporting and replacing which does not seem the best way to do it. I am convinced we are not using WDS correctly or efficiently and I think re-capturing/updating is the biggest issue. Do you have the information or could you point me to a good source on the topic of updating existing images? If you know of ways to modify the images on the server ala driver injection etc please let me know as well. I have done it with a boot.wim, but not sure if the same applies to standard images. Details 2 WDS on Server 2008 64 bit in two separate locations. Capturing Windows XP images that we sysprep and use an internal unattend to configure. Replicating the Remoteinstall folder, excluding the boot, tmp and mgmt folders per MS recommendation. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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