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  1. I tried some times before I left a question here. I did both ways: disble steps and enable steps. TS run very well when I left enabled steps but TS will fail if I disble these steps.. I wanna know the procedure if we declare settings in unattend.xml and enable these settngs in TS. How it run and does it cause conflict? And I have another question. If we modify the settings in unattend.xml, do we need to redistribute in distribution points or re-create package?
  2. Hi Niall, I have a question. If I specify very detailedly in unattended.xml such as domain join, product key, local user account,..., do I need to enable "Apply Windows Settings" and "Apply Network Settings". In theory, these settings are mentioned in unattended.xml so I think it will be confusing if we aplly one more time in Task Sequence. Can you help me clear this and confim me?
  3. There is another topic related to this issue. You should not navigate directly to that folder and run. Try to check your group policy and verify that autorun policy is on or off. Computer configurations -> Administrative template > windows components -> autorun
  4. Ya I tried some times before I gave up and ask for help on here haha. I cant help ...
  5. Dear Niall, Enable support for unknown computers is checked. Anywhere else to check this sir?
  6. Hello everyone, I usually deploy OS using All Unknown Computers. But I just found that the collect is empty now. It should have x86 and x64 unknow computers inside but I dont know why they are gone. I searched somewhere and I found a query to get back: select SMS_R_UNKNOWNSYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_UNKNOWNSYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_UNKNOWNSYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_UNKNOWNSYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_UNKNOWNSYSTEM.Name from SMS_R_UnknownSystem where Decommissioned = "0" I tried to create query rule and put this in and update, refresh some times but nothing happen... How can I get back the built in All Unknown Computers collect? Thanks a lot everyone!
  7. Very highly appreciate your helps Niall! For normal drivers such as NIC, graphic or sound, It is not difficult to create driver package. But for other packs, addin, tools such as power management, Hot Key, finger print...it is hard to create package and deploy as part of TS. So I need to capture and create 3 image version of lenovo T400, T410 and T420. Can you share me the link describing your above solution and advise me how to carry out my need?
  8. I found the reason why. Maybe is is problem of the image of my company. I built new clean computer and tried again and wow, it run. I have another simple question. After I captured the image successfully, all drivers are gone. How can I maintain and keeps all drivers? Because my company is using some models and it takes time to install drivers one more time.
  9. I have another question. I can run the autorun and and completed all steps before the wizard should start capturing. But when I click Finish to complete "summary", It does nothing. I wait for a long time and nothing comes then. I tried some times before I gave up... How can I trouble shooting or check?
  10. Hello sir, I wanna capture Windows 7 x64 bit. So I need to use x64 Boot Image right?
  11. I have a very short questions sir! My office has around 1000 computers. If I use the method "impprt computer information" and provide MAC address to collection like you did above, I must do 1000 times to deploy to all computers right? Can you teach me how to tailor this ?
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