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  1. Thanks again. That make sense. The strange thing is that I have not received any warnings or errors during CM installation or SQL installation. I've done it with a domain admin account and same account is added to SQL admins.
  2. Thank you for your help and quick response. I've removed DP and created NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS file on all volumes except for G: (its my content library drive). then I installed DP again with default settings and as you can see it looks better I'll install more site system roles and I want them to be installed on E: where my CM2012 installation is. I guess I have to remove NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS from E: before I install other roles. My another problem is/was the critical error on the distribution point. " Distribution Manager failed to process package "Configuration Manager Client Package" (package ID = PS100004). Possible cause: Distribution manager does not have access to either the package source directory or the distribution point. Solution: Verify that distribution manager can access the package source directory/distribution point. Possible cause: The package source directory contains files with long file names and the total length of the path exceeds the maximum length supported by the operating system. Solution: Reduce the number of folders defined for the package, shorten the filename, or consider bundling the files using a compression utility. Possible cause: There is not enough disk space available on the site server computer or the distribution point. Solution: Verify that there is enough free disk space available on the site server computer and on the distribution point..." I have solved this problem by adding my ConfigMgr computer to a local admin group but I wonder if it's the best practice even in the production environment?
  3. Hello, I recently installed CM 2012R2 as a single site with SQL server and 7 disk drives on the same machine. Now when I'm checking site system status, the distribution point Site system role is installed on all disks. Is it normal?
  4. I'm installing SQL Server 2012 for ConfigMgr 2012 r2 and I wonder what is the best practice for SQL service accounts. During the installation of SQL Server, in the server configuration/Service accounts menu I'm allowed to configure following service accounts: SQL Server Agent, SQL Server Agent Database Engine, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Browser. Do I have to create separate domain user (not admin) accounts for each service and configure service principal name (SPN) for all of them? For example: Domain user account named SQLSA for SQL Server Agent, another domain user account SQLADBE for SQL Server Agent Database Engine etc.
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