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  1. Hi Guys, Today while troubleshooting the MP role installation failure I saw " Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258." in mpmsi.log file, Is this something because of pending reboot of the system (I noticed that system is pending for reboot in registry and the files that are waiting are mostly like ccm.tmp ). Log file snippet - MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:45:664]: Client-side and UI is none or basic: Running entire install on the server. MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:48:679]: Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258. MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:48:679]: Cloaking enabled. MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:48:679]: Attempting to enable all disabled privileges before calling Install on Server MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:48:679]: Incrementing counter to disable shutdown. Counter after increment: 0 MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:48:679]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied. Counter after decrement: -1 MSI © (14:A0) [02:03:48:679]: MainEngineThread is returning 1618 === Verbose logging stopped: 4/25/2015 2:03:48 === please help me in getting this cleared.
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