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  1. Thank you Garth Jones for you response and advice sorry for give little info I have 17 sites one of them is Central managamenet (HQ) and all remaining the same " managed sites have two database servers and few clients" the branches connected via IP-VPN 6 MB/s I make single domain model , and put each branch in distinct OU also i will deploy SCCM to manage all assets and clients. but now i'm thinking about design to make it easier in SCCM with AD Thanks all
  2. Hello guys I need help in design in (AD) and SCCM 2012 my topology is : central site (HQ) and 16 branches each branch have 15 users and connected via IP-VPN to central I cannot make additional domain or even RODC in the branches , I just organized them by create OU for each branch My Question : what's the best practice to organize and manage those branches (in domain controller and in sccm) thank you all
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