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  1. Found the cause of out woes.......Hyper-V. Our SCCM is hosted on Hyper-V, configured additional NIC as Legacy then configured SCCM to respond to PXE on those NIC's. Working
  2. Workaround, although not an ideal scenario: Create Task Sequence Boot media, boot from USB and then using Universal USB Ethernet Adapter, deploy the TS. Same method with Lenovo USB 3.0 adapter still does not work! Spoke to Lenovo Technical who suggested everything under the sun, all of which we had already tried eg: Firmware upgrade, various driver versions, checking connectivity when in WinPE booting via USB all of which say it should work, but sadly the man from delmonte say "NO"
  3. All other devices we have tried PXE no problem (Yoga, X240, X250, L440, Tecra, Elitebooks), and I have confirmed the boot image is available for PXE. Looking like a USB deployment, which is not ideal as we might have about 200
  4. Checking the SMSPXE.log the device is in the database and picking up the correct MAC, UUID & Advert ID, then just sits on: "Looking for bootImage A0500005 SMSPXE 19/05/2015 17:35:54 3296 (0x0CE0)"
  5. Still no joy, have imported the USB 3.0 Lenovo driver (Realtek USB GBE Family Controller), but when we try to PXE this is what we get: Station IP address is: x.x.x.x Server IP address is: x.x.x.x NMP filename is smsboot\x64\wdsmgfw.efi NBP size is xxxxxxxxx Downloading NBP file It then times out and tries over IPv6 Just to confirm this is the Lenovo Helix 20CH model. Any ideas much appreciated
  6. We are using the 64 bit boot image, but downloaded the Lenovo WinPE 5.0 driver pack, although, as you have pointed out this does not contain the Lenovo USB 3.0 drivers, although I "Think" I have tried them previously. Will double check that! Thanks for your help
  7. We have tried without success to deploy these using PXE. We have the correct WinPE drivers downloaded from Lenovo and added to the boot image, the machine tries to PXE using IPv4 but times out. We are using the Lenovo USB 3.0 dongle supplied with the device. We have spoken to Lenovo who say it should work, but after about a week of trying we are currently deploying them via USB key. We created boot media with the drivers that confirm network connectivity when using WinPE but still no success deploying via PXE.
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