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  1. So I have and unattend usb flash drive that works perfectly when installing Win7 IE8. I just updated my resource image to include IE 11 and now I get this: I have read several times over that IE 10 and IE 11 do something weird to your unattended. But I need to know what to do here with my unattended to get this thing fixed. So I have seen several ads to just commit out IE but thats dont going to work. Please help me resolve this issue. I am days behind because of this.
  2. Greetings All, Can anyone help me with tutorials or via webex to learn to create deployment USB drive. I am wanting to create a USB lite touch deployment drive for field techs. I want the USB to contain: Use custom wim pc drivers for multiple pc Option to name/rename the pc Option to install office Forces pc to join domain Ability to install additional apps Auto update patches I would like to use MDT to build this stick. As I do not have SCCM in my environment.
  3. I want to know if anyone has a script or tutorial on creating a script to "enable enterprise mode" and to allow enterprise mode to use a "website list" to manage certain sites. I know this should be fairly simple to do but I am new to scripting so I felt after several hours of looking and obviously creating the wrong searches, it time to ask the pros. Would prefer vbscript, but will not refuse powershell.
  4. I need to deploy this via USB as I do not have access to pxe at remote locations. How would I do that?
  5. No I have created recovery sticks before. That's not what I am asking for. I want to build a custom surface pro 3 deployment, period end of story. I want to create a custom deployment that I can deeply via, sub, or pxe, or dism. I just want to create a custom surface pro 3 deployment pure and simple.
  6. I want to make a reference image for a Surface Pro 3. Using and actual Surface Pro 3 so "no virtualizing". I want to know if I can remove all of the partitions on the ssd and just install Windows 10 pro and build from there. I would also like to know why the extra partitions are there? I have made attempts to install a refer image to a Surface via ghost it failed, via altiris 7.6 failed, via dism pointing to partition 1 failed. Why have all of these options failed. I admit I am new to imaging but this should not be that hard. If nothing else can someone please instruct me on how to or where to find instructions on applying a windows 10 or windows 8.1 image to the Surface Pro 3 either by completely removing all partitions or by applying a wim to the os partition of the Surface Pro 3.
  7. Good Afternoon, I have created a standard reference image for windows 8.1 that I can deploy to a server using Altiris 7.6. However that reference image of course lays down over the entire surface pro 3 drive and removes the ability to restore the surface to factory if something goes wrong. Leaving me with the only option of re-imaging the surface pro 3 via pxe or usb thumbdrive. I want to be able to create an image that I can lay down via pxe that preserves the ability to factory reset the surface pro 3 if needed via the button press commands. Can anyone assist me in accomplishing this. I mean of course I have to do the work but if you could share the knowledge that would be great.
  8. Good Afternoon, I need to know how to deploy a customized wim of Windows 8.1 OS to the surface pro 3. The other thing is I want to retain the recovery partition of the surface pro 3, in case something goes wrong and I need to recover the device back to factory. Can anyone tell me how to do this? If you know of any documents that I can read up on this that would hel bottom line is i need help. Also just fyi i will deploy wim via usb and pxe using a script to apply the wim to the OS index via WinPE 5.0.
  9. Ok so I have use MDT 2013 to create a 10gb ISO. I need to turn that ISO into a bootable usb. I need some help. I have taken a fixed usb drive and partitioned it into a fat2 and ntfs. I have placed all of the boot files onto the fat32 partition and the deploy folder into the ntfs partition. I then set the fat32 partition to active. Then when I try to boot with it I get nothing. I need some help, step by step or video would be great. Thanks.
  10. Good Morning, I want to Image a Surface pro 3 from a USB stick and preserve the ability to recover the surface if needed. How can I do this every time I try I end up locking up the entire drive. Try to use a wim and apply it to index one using DISM and that too failed. Please help.
  11. MDT Slasher 1.3.5 zip is opening up to a 1.3.4 version of MDT Slasher and I keep getting "Error!! drive:\path\ is wrong path, Unable to validate this path as a deployment Share" in the "SELECT DESTINATION DEPLOYMENT SHARE" and "Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue." when I click on "SPLIT"
  12. Hey All, I am trying to create a deployable Windows 8.1 USB stick for the Surface Pro 3. My problem is of course I have my reference WIM at 12gb. How can I make this work?
  13. Greetings All, I am a longtime IT Tech, but I am new to imaging and packaging. So my company does not use SCCM, therefore I would like to setup and use MDT. I am looking for training videos and/or tutorials on how to setup MDT on a standalone pc, then create my images, and then ghost then or create wim to deploy them via PXE server. Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. Greeting All, I am trying to come up with away to duplicate my desktop in windows 8.1. I have found many articles about customizing the Start Screen when imaging, but I can not find anything about customizing the desktop when applying a windows 8.1 image. Can anyone help me with a script to customize the desktop on a windows 8.1 image, or even point me towards a few articles that discuss cloning the layout of a windows 8.1 desktop not Start Screen. Thanks all
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