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  1. We have more than one version reader installed in our environment. The second deployment type is just the patch. This patch is for Reader 17.011.130000 so I don't want this patch to be deployed to 18.000??? That's we use the between.
  2. I'm in the process of automating reader so that it downloads and creates the application in SCCM We use a global condition to get the version of reader out of the registry. I have two deployment types, One installs the full reader and the second just installs the patch. On the second deployment type we use the requirement Between operand with the values of "17.011.130000" "17.011.130080" that way it will only install the patch it fails on the between operand. If I use greaterthan or others it works fine. Any help???? Here is the error message. Add-CMScriptDeploymentType : ConfigMgr Error Object: instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus { Description = "There is a failure while generating lantern documents for this configuration item"; ErrorCode = 1078462256; File = "..\\sspconfigurationitem.cpp"; Line = 2164; Operation = "PutInstance"; ParameterInfo = ""; ProviderName = "ExtnProv"; StatusCode = 2147749889; }; At C:\Reader\Add-Depend.ps1:155 char:1 + Add-CMScriptDeploymentType -SourceUpdateProductCode "$ReaderGUID" -A ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (Microsoft.Confi...mentTypeCommand:AddScriptDeploymentTypeCommand) [Add-CMScriptDeploymentType], WqlQueryException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnhandledException,Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Cmdlets.AppMan.Commands.AddScriptDeploymentTypeCommand
  3. I've got a lab setup and a new install of SCCM 2012 R2. I'm trying to get the Honeywell Dolphin 99EX enrolled into SCCM. The device is running windows embedded 6.5 I've got all SCCM infrastructure working and the enrollment proxy point install along with the enrollment point. I've setup the certs and the management point is working with HTTPS. Now for the confusing part. I can enroll my device and it says that it's enrolled and now my IT department can manage this device BUUUTTT When I look at the console NO mobile device shows up. I can see the IP address hit the web page but there no reference in any of the SCCM logs. The enrollweb.log and the enrollsrv.log says status 200 which is good. All the MSI.logs show that everything got installed with no error. Also one weird thing. I see a log file named TEMHostWapper.log and it says "Feature SMS_DM_ENROLLMENTSERVICE is NOT exposed yet." I've never heard of that log before and I've tried to look up on google but comes back with no results. One more thing, the component status is showing that the SMS_MP_DEVICE_MANAGER availability is unknown. Any help would be appreciated Wayne
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