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  1. Hello, We currently have a 2 way trust established with another domain (Domain B). I have everything configured within SCCM environment for our Primary site to manage these machines. The second domain's machines are all currently properly configured to be managed by our SCCM environment. However, I'm trying to create an OSD for Domain B. When I attempt to change the Apply Network Settings task to add the machine to Domain B, the our Domain listed is the primary domain (Domain A). Is there something I'm possibly missing with the setup, or is this not supported with SCCM? My google-fu has been failing me. Most of the articles I've seen apply to cross forest domains, which does not apply in this situation. I have the Primary site set to Publish to Domain B, so I'm not sure what could be missing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I know Office 2016 is currently not configured to migrate settings. Has anyone had any luck modifying the MigApp.xml to specify Office 2016? It shouldn't be to bad to modify, but does it actually work is my main concern.
  3. I've updated to CU2, and that seems to have fixed the Windows 10 not displaying within the Inventoried Software. However, it is still not pulling into the License 01A report, or any report for that matter. There's not much to that query so I'm not sure why it wouldn't actually be pulling.
  4. License 01A. Yes, it is enabled. It pulls everything else in just fine, but it doesn't find Windows 10 for some reason.
  5. When running a report today, I noticed that it did not pull in Windows 10 as an Inventoried Product. I went an searched through the Inventoried Software, but it was not listed. I then searched to make sure that it was inventoried within Resource Exploroer, and Windows 10 is listed in there. Why is it not Displaying withing the Inventoried Software? Is there a Hardware Inventory Class I'm missing to properly display it?
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