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  1. Is it necessary to create a new boot image everytime you want to capture or deploy a new image? I haven't started following the instructions from this post yet, but was able to complete all the steps from your Image Capture post successfully and already have a boot image that was created for the capture.
  2. I connected as a local administrator to the WDS server. Per your question, I closed the WDS console and re-opened. The image was there...sometimes we as techs forget to try the simplest of things... However, I'm still not understanding why the FINISH button only activates when selecting a local disk to copy the image to. Is selecting the copy to disk option the only way to get this to work with uploading the image to the WDS server?
  3. Hello all, I'm new to this site, but found your posts on this topic very useful. However, all works well for me in WDS up until I get to the point of capturing my target PC image. After selecting the option to upload my image directly to the WDS server and connecting successfully, my FINISH button is greyed out. I can only get the button to work if I select a local disk to copy my image to as well as the upload. I enabled both options and WDS says the process completed successfully, but I do not see the image on my WDS server with the Install Image Group that I originally selected. Any ideas? ck
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