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  1. the solution seems to be manually format disk after select the image by vista/win2008 interface. the other solution is to create an unattend.xml file with the correct string, but (for me) is not so easy...so I think I made the first one!
  2. I had the same problem! check if remote install folder (and child folders) are ok with permissions. I suggest to give full control for everyone.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm having a problem with wds and windows.old backup folder (and also with \programs files folder duplicated). I'm using wds on a windows server 2003 r2 to make and deploy images (vista and xp pro, x86) in a computer lab of my school. No problems with the deployment of a clean windows dvd image, because I can format the client's hard disk during the deploy operation, so I have a clean installation. I have some problems with the deployment of a custom image (I use to install the OS on a client pc, then I install all the drivers and appz, so I can prepare the image to be c
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