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  1. were you able to solve this issue ?? I am facing the same issue .
  2. Hi All I am stuck where i am unable to migrate the Computer name in a bit locked environment .Here is the details . I am following this post http://blogs.technet.com/b/jimriekse/archive/2013/09/23/usmt-5-in-the-configuration-manager-2012-task-sequence.aspx and is unable to migrate the computer name ,OU etc the three options of capture windows settings .My data is getting recovered but the association of the name in AD and SCCM changes and the new name MININT-PPXXXX is named for the refresh PC. I am not starting the tasksequence from software center instead I am suspending the bitlocker manually and then doing a F12 PXE boot and selecting my refresh offline TS.Now i am getting the data but windows settings like name and other three options are not getting migrated. I know network setting cannot be migrated but i have read on technet that windows settings can be captured in winpe Any help would be appreciated .Thanks
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