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  1. Hi Anyweb, Do you mean this tab as seen in the screen shot. Thanks
  2. Hi, How can I check the permissions of SMSadmin? I did like this. From Active Directory Users and Computers, I selected the SMSadmin user and brought up the MemberOf tab in Properties window. Here it says "Domain Users" "FQDN/Users". Do I need to add anything for SMSadmin user? Thanks
  3. hi, Client Push Installation Properties Acconts Tab shows " Domain\SMSadmin". the client has access like this "Domain\Administrator". Please let me know if this is wrong? Thanks
  4. I tried this and found the clients still did not get installed. I am not sure what is happening here. Could someone let me know. Thanks
  5. Could someone help me here. I could see the client in "All Systems Collection" but client did not get installed with CCM client. Let me add my steps here how I added the client. On client: My Computer > Properties > Change > Enter the Domain name, which asked me permission credentials and then I entered SCCM server AD Domain Controller credentials like <Domain>\Administrator and Password. Then client is added into that domain and asked me to restart the client. I completed the restart. Then I verified SCCM All systems collections which shows this client. Now I am stopped
  6. Yes the client is appeared there. But how do I make sure that client is installed as CCM client? I did not see anything about CCM on my client. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am having the same client push installation issue. I did not see any CCM icons on client. Here is how I added the WindowsXP Pro.Version2002SP3 client. 1. Complete the SCCM 2007 SP1 Server Setup as per guides 2. Login to client and changed Domain name to same as AD Domain Controller on SCCM 2007 SP1 Server which was successful. 3. Client was rebooted because of the above change. 4. Login to client as "Domain\Administrator" and verified for any new CCM icons in Control Panel. But I did not see any new icons or I did not see any ccmsetup dir. 5. Both the systems are pingable eac
  8. Oh! I have sent PM and waiting. I did not realize that you posted a reply here. Yes, it is a Domain Controller. Thanks
  9. Hi Anyweb, Please find here attached another screen shot showing that there is no other Object types other than Groups. Thanks
  10. Hi, I tried with empty value, but the "Check Names" button is not enabled for clicking ? I am seeing Domain Admins in the main list of "Active Directory Users and Comptuers window". Is it actually "Members" or "Members Of" tab on SMS Admins properties window? Checking Names with empty value on "Members Of" tab can not be done because the button is disabled. Also, I did not see this step anywhere in your guide. Please let me know if I miss anything? Actually this is the step as per your guide. Thanks for looking into this.
  11. Hi Anyweb, I tried the above step but I am seeing this message as seen in the screen shot. Could you please look at it. Thanks
  12. Thank you very much for confirming this. I tried the same before and thought it was not the right one because it is asking Firstname, Lastname and loginname@domainname etc. Now I ran the same wizard and created "SMSadmin & SMSread" users. Couple of questions here. 1. I completed all the remaining Part1 & 2 steps and reached to Part3: "Next we will configure the Computer Client Agent properties" step. Now I am not sure whether I can continue to configure "the Computer Client Agent Properties in Part3". Could you please let me know if I need to do anything before running thi
  13. hmm.. Ok. But I don't know which wizard that I should use to create SMSadmin and SMSread. Do I just need to create them as regular Windows users and configure them as AD Users? Yes. I am installing everything on a single server. Thanks
  14. Yes Anyweb. But I could not find how to steps fro creating those users? Could you let me know the steps. Thanks
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