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  1. even today the logs showed me recoverable error how can i install the client manually , where does the file exist for the setup on the server ? thanks
  2. i think its a serious error kindy find attached the file ccmsetup.log
  3. asp was missing thanks working like a charm now
  4. can you tell me whats the use of blank for staging collection why its empty ? and in case it has some machines then what it will affect ? thanks
  5. now i think its a serious problem only 4 clients is showing in the console from 20 , i did a force install and overwrite in case the client is already installed with no use , any tips please ? the client is installed already but its not updating on the console
  6. 0k sorry for the upload i tried but it was giving me an error what do you mean by add asp.net ? i already added it once i did the installaton ?
  7. hi there i have a problem when i open any report and run it kindly find below the problem im facing http://img18.imageshack.us/i/13960404.png/ any ideas plz ? thanks
  8. actually it was the firewall although i disabled the firewall using GPO as explained doing it for vista OS , why that happened any idea ? hanks anyweb you are a guru in those stuff
  9. hi there after installing SCCM and pushing the agent on all clients , the clients have a successful installation ( checking the logs ) but simply the console isn't updating the clients view to reflect showing that they have an agent installed and approved !! how to solve this issue and make the console show the proper status for the clients ? FYI i did a restart , i did reset for services as well , no warnings no errors nothing at all , i updated the membership of the client as well with no use thanks
  10. the site looks awesome after the upgrade great job anyweb
  11. i just reinstalled the WSUS and it worked , weird
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