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  1. Hi There, I am running SCCM 2012 and when deploying a windows O/S PXE fails and the system reboots whilst "preparing network connections". Background Information: The solution was working at one stage however, the boot images were corrupt and I could not apply new drivers. So the decision was made to delete and start a fresh. I have recreated two new boot images for x86 and x64 and injected all the original drivers and configured the system to use the x64 image for PXE boot. I can confirm that the correct driver for the systems NIC has been injected but whilst troubleshooting with the F8 function no drivers get loaded and the deployment reboots the computer. I'm slowly losing the will to live and hope you can help... :-( I have attached the SMSTS.log file in hope that someone could tell me what I have missed. Regards Andy smsts.log
  2. Hi There I have a similar issue. When I try to deploy a new system I too get as far as "Preparing Network Connections" and the computer restarts. I have tries again and this time I pressed F8 to check if the network adapter was loaded and have a valid IP address. Not only was the correct NIC loaded, I also have name resolution to the SCCM DP. I have the same issue no matter what computer I attempt to apply the OSD. I have attached a screen shot and the smsts log file. Any ideas would be fantastic as I'm completely at a loss. smsts.log
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