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  1. Hello, I have SCCM 2012 with it own AD. I have an workgroup clients with the same network subnet. I've added the IP adress range as a boundary. Checked "Use this boundary group for site assigment" I've added to host file a record pointing to SCCM site. Trying to install sccm agent with this command line \\SCCM\SMS_OCM\Client\ccmsetup.exe /mp:SCCM SMSSITECODE=OCM FSP=SCCM The installation files were download successfully, but the site assignment won't work. Attempting to get assigned site from lookup MP(s) via HTTP Failed to resolve 'SMS_SLP' from WINS LSGetLookupMP: Failed to reso
  2. I've found a sollution: You need to Change/Uninstall the SCCM Server from the Control Panel, not from Setup.exe.
  3. Hello, I've installed Standalone site with SP1 and now I need to add some client and admin console languages. By the manual, I need to re-run the Setup ennter the maintanence mode and add additional language, but this option is grayed out! Once again: I've Installed 2012 With SP1. Thank you.
  4. Problem was, that the server have got different time zones! :-( Stupid me!
  5. Hello everyone. After installing SP3 I'm expecting very strange problem : I'm deploying some software package on a server, which have installed client, but the software won't appears in Advertiesed Sogware List. Such message appearing in SCCM package log - Advertisement "HS12002D" was received from site "HS1". The client passes any supported platform requirements and the SMS will add the advertisement's program to the list that will be displayed to users and/or run via assignment. If an advertisement is received but not displayed on a client, verify that the current time on the clie
  6. Hello! I have a several computers with Windows Vista installed and my task is to upgrade (not to format and install new) but upgrade to Windows 7. As I know, when you put a DVD with Windows 7 - there is such option - Upgrade. After several hour OS is upgraded to Windows 7, all programs and docs are saved. Does such scenario possible with SCCM? Thank you for answer.
  7. Hello everybody! So here is what I'm trying to do: I have an old Windows XP with some user and users files and two logical partitions - C and D. What I'm trying is to Deploy Windows 7 with hardlinking (save all users accounts and users file) and do not touch D partition! When I'm trying this with only C partition - everything goes fine - hardlining works, users saves, but when second partitions appears - nothing works at all! After deployment there is only only partition C and only Administrator account! What could be possibly go wrong? Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello! I don't have any WSUS infrastructure and all my updates are downloading straight through Microsoft.COM and I have a question : it is possible to configure OS deployment, and add some task sequence to Automatically Download and Install all needed updates (Recommended & Critical) during OS deployment? Thank you!
  9. Found problem in my AD! Now everything works! :-) Thread may be closed!
  10. Hello there, I'm trying to make an unattended join to my domain, while installing Windows 7! I'm using an autounattend.xml to perform this task! So... This, what I got in my logs: see attachment I sure, that autounattend.xml work, 'cos in this autounattend.xml also has a Create Local Account task, which works fine! Where could be my mistake? Thank you
  11. Capture CD? You mean just select Capture Only - Create Task Sequence Media and select - Capture Media? That's all?
  12. OK, so let us pretend, that I ran in Full OS mode. How can I make a capture task sequence, if this machine located out of boundaries? I mean, Yes, there is SCCM client installed, but this machine is outside the of entire domain.
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