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  1. Just to add some info I was able to run capture on an older version of windows 10. I ran updates to the 1511 version and that is when the capture fails. Any thoughts?
  2. So I have been trying to capture images of windows 10 machines with capture media. I know this is not the best way to do it but my boss wants images of every department with all software installed. This was working fine with windows 7. When I attempt to do it with windows 10 machines it fails during sysprep with the useless error code 0x00004005. This machine has never been syspreped so it's not hitting the limit. I am using SCCM 1511 with a single primary site. I have created the new Capture media since the upgrade to 1511. MDT is installed. It seems to be an issue not with the server but with the capture as it won't even get through sysprep on the reference machine. Have tried everything I can find online. Please help.
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