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  1. Thank you If I'm doing this, then I might as well download the drivers from the vendor and deploy a driver package as you would as if you were doing a bare metal build. So it's _an_ approach, but not one I'd expect to have to do, considering the existence of the 'Windows 10 and Later Drivers' option in Software Updates. Can anyone give a definitive answer as to whether what I'm doing is possible, if it is, why it's not working, and / or what is the recommended way of doing this? Thank you
  2. This is exactly what I am trying to do but the drivers do not show in 'All Software Updates', even having selected the relevant Products and Classifications. We are upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. The drivers are loaded absolutely correctly during the existing Windows 7 TaskSeq in the usual way. After the upgrade to Windows 10, a number of workstations (in fact pretty much all workstations) have at least one, if not more, devices that show up with the yellow exclamation mark. I'd like to install the relevant drivers during the upgrade process, rather than have each workstation have to go to Windows Update after the upgrade.
  3. Hi guys Hopefully you can point me in the right direction with this one... Please note this is not a question about Driver Packages that would normally be deployed as part of an OSD Task Sequence. Scenario: We are using SCCM (1511) to deploy a Windows 10 OS upgrade to existing Windows 7 clients. The upgrade all works ok and I can deploy the cumulative update from SCCM during the upgrade. I also appreciate I could patch the WIM with this cumulative update (when I upgrade to 1602), but that's a job for another day. I have a number of Dell and Lenovo laptops. Invariably there are a couple of drivers that need to be installed post upgrade. When I connect to Windows Update on the internet, the drivers are downloaded and installed without issue. What I am trying to do is download them from the 'net into SCCM so that 30,000 clients Don't need to go to to the internet for driver updates and... Are ready to go straight after the upgrade. I have configured the software update point component to download the metadata for all classifications and all products. I have configured an automatic deployment rule like this: Properties / Software Updates / Product / Search Criteria / Windows 10 and later Drivers. When I do a preview, there are no driver updates to display. My questions are: Is it possible to download the drivers that Windows Update finds and subsequently host and deploy them from SCCM? If so, am I doing it correctly? If not, how can this be dome without having all clients go to Windows Update for the driver updates? Thanks, Phil
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