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  1. So my issue with the image not showing up in WDS after being uploaded was resolved by restarting the Windows Deployment Services service. Not sure why that was necessary. In my test captures since then it has worked fine. Just a final update for anyone that may review this. Thanks, Cliff
  2. So as a followup, I figured out my issue to hitting "next" at that point in the wizard, and it was very simple. It appears you must also have some local device to save that image to, regardless if you are only trying to upload a image to your WDS server. This seems redundant to me, but as soon as I plugged in an external hard-drive to save that wim file to locally, the wizard let me continue. That other link for the DISM mounting/unmounting process I needed to get the Image Capture wizard to start in the first place, so I hope that also helps someone. I'm still having some issues with the image actually uploading to my WDS server which I am still investigating. I will touch base here if I find anything else out, but I may end up just copying the locally stored wim file into my WDS server and importing that as a boot image. Thanks, Cliff
  3. I'm having a similar issue here. It started with being unable to get into the Windows Deployment Services Image Capture wizard at all. This is a Windows 7 capture Image I've created with WDS role living inside of a Windows 2012 R2 virtual server. I resolved that portion of the problem with the steps suggested by Saurabh.k and illustrated by Rolf HH at this link (https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/a164b948-1778-42bd-8d77-9cef1ca70866/image-capture-boot-image-fails-with-0xc000000f?forum=winserversetup) then manually adding the boot image after the DISM mounting/unmounting process. That allowed me to get into the Image Capture Wizard in the first place. After entering, I am able to "connect" to my WDS server, and I can choose an Image Group, but I cannot continue past that point in the wizard because the "next" button is greyed out. I checked and I do have a valid IP address for the subnet, besides that I AM able to connect to the WDS server to at least choose a group. I know this is an old topic, but is the only one I found that seems to illustrate the exact problem I'm having at this time. Anyone able to get past that grey button, or can someone point me at a resource that describes another work around? Does anyone think that MDT 2013 is a better solution than WDS? Thanks, Cliff
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